A Study on relationship between Self efficacy and Academic efficacy in PG students with reference to Kerala

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Dr.Madhu C.S, Dr.Lekha H, Mr.Vignesh Karthik S.A, Ms.Anjana Rajagopal


A strong sense of efficacy enhances human accomplishment and personal well-being in many ways. Perceived self-efficacy is defined as people's beliefs about their capabilities to produce designated levels of performance that exercise influence over events that affect their lives. Self-efficacy beliefs determine how people feel, think, motivate themselves and behave. Such beliefs produce these diverse effects through four major processes. They include cognitive, motivational, affective and selection processes. Self efficacy is defined as one’s belief that people can successfully perform a given task.The main purpose of this study is to discuss how self-efficacy developed and the how it influences students’ academic performance in addition to social interaction with peers. Present study was designed to study the impact of self-efficacy on Management students The study covers the various aspects of  emotional  efficacy, Academic efficacy and social efficacy of B school students. The main objective of the study is to study whether there is any significant relationship between Self efficacy  level of Management students  in different B schools in Kerala.The survey was conducted among the 100 students using Self-Efficacy Ques-tionnaire for Children (SEQ-C; Muris, 2001). efficacy survey data were gathered by Likert scale questionnaire. The results of the data derived from statistical analysis were presented in the research report by choosing appropriate presentation techniques .Hypothesis was formed and tested by using various statistical tools like Anova,t- test,Chisquare ,Correlation etc. The findings of the study indicate that there is a need for designing the apt policies and programs for the students to enable them to achieve a high level self-efficacy. The research results were discussed within the literature and several recommendations were made in accordance with them.

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