Effect of Training sessions Oniraqi Nurses’ Practice Concerning Patients In Phase Post-Anesthesia Care At Ghazi Al-Hariri Surgical Specialities Hospital

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Alaa Jawad Kadhim, Rajaa Ibrahim Abed, Wafaa Abd Ali Hattab


This study aimed to identify the effect of training sessions onIraqi nurses’ practice concerning patients in phase post-anesthesia care.


Methodology: There were 50 participants in this cross-sectional study. from April 5th through June 6th, 2021. a sample of nurses from two Parts a First, gender, training session. Second part: It had (20) items on Patients in Phase Post-anesthesia Care.


Results: The results of the study showed that all Iraqi nurses who participated (50 nurses) for the practice of nurses about the Patients in Phase Post-anesthesia Care had a low level of practice and there is relationship with training session, and their demographic data and nurses’ practice.


Conclusions: The finding of the study reported that there weresignificant differences between effect of thetraining sessiononIraqi nurses’ practice toward patients in phase post-anaesthesia care.


Recommendation: Based on the result finding, the researcher recommended that the implement of the monthly trainingprogramsfor all nurses in Iraq Hospitals.

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