Plant Mentioned in The Islam’s Prophetic Traditions: A Review of The Scientific Evidence

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Abdul Mufid, Nispul Khoiri, Rusli, T. Wildan, Zulkarnaen, Kasmuri, Ahmad Fauzi, Dedy Susanto, Gunawan Aji, Arico Ayani Suparto, Agus Khairul, Anwar Sunawar Rizky, Ah. Sahaludin, M. Shofiyuddin, Ismail Fahmi A


For the past thousand years, Muslim scientists from all disciplines, including philosophy, social, cultural, and historical, have discussed various diseases and their treatments based on Qur’an and Hadith. This study aimed to investigate the literature review currently available that explores the olive tree from a religious and scientific perspective. This research used qualitative methods to generate a Prophetic traditions index on medical science. The study focus on the hadith in Sahih al-Bukhari, an authentic scripture in Islam after the Qur'an, with a specific chapter on "Prophetic Medicine". All data were analyzed using Miles and Huberman approach. This study showed that identifies the relationship between religion and science in olives, with its explanation. The conclusion that there is an integration between religion and science in the olive tree is based on literature review.

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