Histologic Alterations and Immunohistochemical Expression of Na-K ATPase in Placental Tissue of Patients with Pre-eclampsia

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Hawraa Saad Al-Kawaz , Mazin J. Mousa , Oda M. Yasser


Background: Pre-eclampsia is the most popular disorder that affects first pregnancies. The clinical manifestations are highly variable, but hypertension and proteinuria are usually seen. Pre-eclampsia is a multisystem illness, but its aetiology is poorly understood. Pre-eclampsia has linked to a variety of system abnormalities, including ion transport disorders in neonatal, maternal, and placental cell lines.

Objective: The aim of the current study is to estimate the expression of placental Na-K ATPase in pre-eclampsia patients compared with normal pregnancies by immunohistochemistry, as well as other histological parameters.

Design and Methods: This was a case-control study consisting of 90 cases that were divided into two groups, 50 normal pregnancies (control), and 40 pre-eclampsia (patients). The current study included histologic examination of placental tissue along with immunohistochemical expression of Na-K ATPase was carried out in all samples.

Results: Histomorphometric changes revealed significant differences for the following parameters: syncytial knots, stromal fibrosis, and the number of capillaries in terminal villi. While the results of immunohistochemical expression of placental Na-K ATPase revealed a significant difference in expression of cytotrophoblasts and decidual cells in pre-eclamptic placental tissue.

Conclusion: This study concluded various placental changes detected by histological and immunohistochemical techniques.

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