Analysis Of Predominant Pattern Of Lip Prints In Males Among Chennai Population- An Observational Study

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Prithiksha N , Dr. Reshma Poothakulath Krishnan , Dr. Sandhya Sundar


BACKGROUND: Cheiloscopy is a forensic investigation that deals with the examination of the system of furrows on the red or pink part of the human lips.Most of the crime detecting agencies are still unaware of the importance of the lip prints and it is not commonly attempted in the identification of the suspects.

AIM: To analyse the predominant pattern of the lip prints in males among the south indian population.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: The study consisted of 30 students only males aged from 18 to 21 years in the south indian population,India. Lip prints were obtained and visualized with the help of magnifying lenses. These lip prints were classified according to Tsuchihashi classification. The collected data were tabulated and analysed using SPSS Software(Version 5.0).

RESULTS: In the present study, the lip print patterns were analysed using the Tsuchihashi system of classification. The most predominant lip pattern found in our study was Type 1’(50%) followed by Type 2 (21%). When the age of the participant and the type of lip pattern were compared, the most common lip pattern of 19-20 years age group males was found to be type I’. The difference was not statistically significant ( chi square, P value = 0.8).

CONCLUSION: The present study concludes that Type 1’was the most predominant lip print pattern  followed by Type 2 lip prints among males in chennai. Lip prints can be used for gender determination in forensic odontology.

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