Benefits Of Bay Leaf (Syzygium Polyanthum) For Healing Of Grade Ii A Burns

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Sugeng Riyadi , Widyo Subagyo , Dyah Wahyuningsih , Subandiyo


The incidence of burns in Indonesia is 2.5 million people experience burns every year. Medical management can be carried out when a person is in an urban area or close to a health facility; however, remote rural communities usually do not fully depend on modern medicine or synthetic drugs because of geographical factors that do not allow for the availability of medications. Bay leaf (Syzygium polyanthum) can heal wounds because it contains essential oils, flavonoids, and saponins. This study aims to prove the comparison of preparations Simplicia and extract macerated bay leaf on the healing of second-degree burns in vivo. This research design is true experimental with method Pre-post test control group design. This study consisted of 3 groups, namely one control group, one treatment group with Simplicia bay leaf, and one treatment group with extract bay leaf with a total sample of 15 mice. Data analysis using Kruskal Wallis test. Test Kruskal Wallis showed p-value = 0.042, value p <0.05, then there is a significant difference between dosage botanicals and extracts of leaves of the healing of burns Grade II-A. This study is a crude drug preparation, and bay leaf extract has the distinction, although both significantly affect wound healing.

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