Modern Possibilities Of Using Essential Oils In The Pathology Of The Vulva And Vagina In Pregnant Women

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G. T. Rabbimova , N. K. Mukhamadiev


The article describes the features of diagnosis, treatment methods for pregnant women with vulvovaginal infections. A clinical and laboratory examination of pregnant women with VVI was performed. In this case, complaints, data from a gynecological examination, microscopy, cultural, and gas chromatographic studies of vaginal microflora were taken into account. The effectiveness and tolerance of anise oil in the complex treatment of vulvovaginal infections in pregnant women were analyzed. The results of the comparative effectiveness of the treatment of vulvovaginal infections in pregnant women are presented, which are divided into 2 groups: the first group received standard two-stage treatment (antibacterial treatment and probiotics). The second - additionally, after standard therapy, the use of anise oil intravaginally for 4 days (complex therapy (CT). Complex therapy of vulvovaginal infections using ordinary anise oil increases the effectiveness of treatment, which is characterized by a decrease in the frequency of relapse of the disease 2.7 times per due to the persistent normalization of the microbiological characteristics of the vaginal microbiocenosis at the time of delivery, it does not cause an allergic reaction and is well tolerated by patients.

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