Sustainable Packaging: A Study on Consumer Perception on Sustainable Packaging Options in E- Commerce Industry

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Felix James, Aju Kurian


Waste management has always been a stumbling block in the development process. Countries all over the world have debated how to dispose of the waste they generate internally, and many programmes have been launched to deal with emerging waste disposal and management situations, and governments have proposed numerous regulations to reduce waste production at the source. With all the regulations in place, businesses have evolved toward more environmentally friendly ways of doing business. Businesses have shifted their strategy to more eco-friendly and sustainable paths as consumer attitudes toward eco-friendly products are constantly improving. The e-commerce industry is particularly concerned with transitioning to more environmentally friendly business practises. One such initiative aimed at achieving sustainability is the reduction of the industry's massive amount of packaging waste. In recent years, many industries have prioritised sustainable packaging. Understanding consumer psychology and behaviour is critical for any initiative. The purpose of this study is to investigate Indian consumers' pro-environmental attitudes toward sustainable packaging in the context of e-commerce. The study employs quantitative methods to determine Indian consumers' purchasing intentions toward products that offer sustainable packaging options. A structured questionnaire was used to collect data from various consumers, a structured questionnaire was used. According to the findings of the study, Indian consumers have a favourable attitude toward sustainable packaging.

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