Mitochondrial DNA (Mtdna) Fragment Sizing And Quantification Of Mobula Tarapacana And Galeocerdo Cuvier Spp. Using Spectrophotometric Method

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Chandrasekaran Kumara , Dhinakarasamy Inbakandan , Jayavel Sridharb , Thirugnanasambandam Rajendrana , Subashni Bhoopathya


The morphological identification of certain species of shark and rays is very difficult. The mitogenome sequencing is noteworthy to solve the fish taxonomic uncertainties and phylogeny. The complete mitogenome of Mobula tarapacana (NCBI Accession No: MH669414) and Galeocerdo cuvier (NCBI Accession No: MH648005) were used to assess the phylogenetic and taxonomic status of these closely related species. Predominantly, the cytochrome oxidase I subunit (COI) was considered as a suitable marker gene for a species-level identification. The quality and quantity of the DNA were obtained by using spectrophotometric methods. The average mean value of electropherogram peak displayed the library fragments in M. tarapacana and G. cuvier with size ranging between 531 bp (M. tarapacana) and 546 bp (G. cuvier) respectively. The phylogenetic relationships between the closed related species were evaluated using the Maximum likelihood method.

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