Comparisons Of Some Nonlinear Functions To Describe Quail Growth Curves Of Half Diallel Cross Progeny

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Khalid Hamid Hassan and Ayat Shaker Mansour


This study was conducted to investigate the effect of diallel cross among three quail varieties: Black (B), Brown (N) and White (W) on growth curves using non-linear regression models (Quadratic, cubic, logarithmic and logistics), the quail progeny fed using growth ration (24.11 % crude protein and 2775 kcal metabolic energy from hatching until 14 weeks of age. The results indicated that the quadratic and cubic non-linear regression models gave best prediction to body weight for unsexed birds during rearing period 1-6 weeks in pure crosses, based on goodness of-fit criteria including high adjusted R2, R2 and lower Akaike information criteria. There are no-significant differences between observed and predicted body weight using prediction equation of quadratic and cubic models.

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