A Study On Consumers’ Perception Of Vegetarian Restaurants In Romania

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Nicoleta Andreea Neacsu and Ileana Tache


The food industry is an important link in the system of economic and social activities aimed at improving people’s material and cultural standards.
Globally, more and more people are choosing a vegetarian diet that includes the consumption of vegetables, fruits, legumes and cereals. For all those who want to take a break from animal foods, there are extremely many healthy and tasty food alternatives that will encourage them to do so. The vegetarian or even raw-vegan current is not a novelty, but the scale it has taken in recent years has also led the food industry to reorient itself, so that more and more restaurants with vegetarian dishes have appeared worldwide. For vegetarian restaurants, the Romanian market is s challenge, most Romanians being large consumers of meat and animal products.
This paper aims at presenting the current state of development of vegetarian restaurants in Romania, the strategies adopted in their administration and the degree of consumer satisfaction with the quality offered. In order to highlight the opinions and behaviors of Romanians regarding the quality of services and dishes of restaurants with this specific, the authors conducted a quantitative marketing research among the Romanian population, revealing that vegetarian restaurants have a real potential of development in the near future.

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