The Determinants of Audit Quality and Impact on Overall Audit Performance

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Luigi Pio Leonardo Cavaliere, Rakesh, Dr Sarika Keswani, Iskandar Muda, Dr Aruna Polisetty, Dr Bhavik U Swadia, S. Suman Rajest, R. Regin,


Investing in banks has been harmed lately by a number of accounting scandals, one of which included Bank Al Madina. Additionally, it was determined that the low quality of financial reporting systems was a major contributing factor in the accounting scandals, along with insufficient governance processes. Strong links were found between the board structure and the consistency of financial statements and their accompanying financial statements. Board size and the capacity of management to supervise managers have a significant influence in generating better quality financial reporting for the organization.. For management, it provides a better perspective of the company's financial accounts since the board of directors may be seen as an observatory device that presents more accurate information and pricing. Quantitative methods will be used to gather data by distributing a set of questionnaires to a predetermined number of participants in the study. In addition, to ensure reliable findings, the study will make use of both primary and secondary data sources. SPSS statistical software is used to analyze the data, and the findings are presented as descriptive, inferential, and correlational data.

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