Clinical Overview, Laboratory Findings, And Radiological Outcomes Of COVID-19 Patientsin The City Of Bandung

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Gunadi Felicia, Widiastuti, Santoso, Prayudi


This study analyzed the chest CT of COVID-19 patients with clinical and laboratory features. A retrospective study of chest
CT, laboratory analysis, and clinical features of patients with COVID-19 was conducted from March to September 2020.
Sixty-nine symptomatic patients agreed to join the study. The scoring for chestCT was based on the proportion of lobar
involvement with visual assessment. Chest CT scores were paired with clinical and laboratory findings. The relation of all
these findings with the patients’ outcomes was statistically assessed with univariate and multivariate analyses. Ground
glass opacity was the most common finding in the early course of the disease (≤ 7 days), while crazy-paving, consolidation,
and fibrosis were dominantly observed in the latephase (>7 days). The CT score was significantly higher in severe patients
(p < 0.0001) and late-phase than that in early-phase patients (p < 0.0001). CT score was significantly correlated with CRP
(p<0.001), ALC (p=0.002) and NLR (p<0.001).Chest CT score correlates significantly with laboratory findings and disease
severity in COVID-19 patients. Therefore, chest CT score has a potential role in estimating the outcomes of these patients.
In addition, a Faster diagnostic workup in symptomatic cases would be beneficial to the patients.

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