Perspective on formative evaluation in times of pandemic. Theoretical review

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Janet Meluzka García-Riveros, Luis Carmelo Fuertes-Meza, Amparo Rosa Montellanos-Solís, Juan Mendez Vergaray, Edward Flores


The objective of the research is the reflective analysis of updated and relevant information related to formative
assessment in the current context of pandemic between the years 2019 to 2021, the methodology considers the documentary
analysis of descriptive and explanatory character, as well as, hermeneutic analysis and the use of heuristic techniques; in
addition, to perform the literature review 35 articles obtained from the base Scopus, Ebsco, Scielo, Proquest, were examined; in
addition, the search equations used were in Spanish: Evaluación formativa AND estudiantes in English: formative assessment
AND students. It should be noted that for the analysis of results and discussion, 23 articles were considered using a selection
and review matrix that focused on formative assessment, formative strategies and the perceptions of educational actors. The
results show that students value the formative and shared evaluation proposals in view of the fact that they focus on the
educational processes, promoting meaningful experiences; likewise, the interaction among students with the mediation of
teachers in a formative evaluation system is the backbone to redirect learning and achieve better results

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