Preparation, Characterization And Evaluation Of Statistically Optimized Dapsone Loaded Nano Crystals

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Polepalli Sindhuri , Joshna Rani Supraneni


Dapsone is a widely used antileprotic drug which is prevalent in many countries. It is highly lipophilic and possess
a very low aqueous solubility makes it as a suitable candidate for preparation of nanoparticles. Nanosuspension
of Dapsone is prepared by nanoprecipitation method. The DOE approach is used to determine the effect of
process parameters like rate of injection and stirring time, material parameters like solvent and stabilizer ratios.
The optimized formulation is subjected to various evaluation tests and freeze dried for further evaluation. The
nanoparticles were found to be intact in SEM/TEM analysis and there were no drug interactions between the
formulation ingredients. The predicted formula from the DOE confirms the laboratory evaluation. The
pharmacokinetic parameters like bioavailability of the formed nanoparticles have improved significantly when
compared with that of pure Naproxen.

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