Chemical Characteristics And Total Amino Some Kind Of Smoked Sea Cucumber

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Netty Salindeho , Nurmeilita Taher , Engel V. Pandey


BACKGROUND: Improving the quality of products processed dried smoke sea cucumber needs to be done through the
development of relevant agencies so that the value of the processed products can be priced the same as refined
products from other countries.
AIMS: This study is intended to empower sourcepower to be mass-produced sea cucumbers into trepang smoke
processed products of quality and ready to be commercialized as a valuable export product. The findings are expected
from this research are: product quality smoked sea cucumber, sea cucumber processing technology of some kind of
smoke, storage techniques and shelf life.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: The characteristics of sea cucumbers smoke of sea cucumbers in white, black sea cucumber
and chocolate sea cucumber, which consist of water content, ash content, fat content, protein content and
carbohydrate were analyzed.
RESULTS: The results showed that sea cucumbers were used in this study has a water content for trepang white 41.34%,
54.38% black sea cucumbers, and sea cucumbers 57.37% chocolate. The quality of sea cucumbers can be seen from the
lower water content water content of the sea cucumber product produced smoke can last longer. Low water levels can
suppress or reduce damage to the smoke of sea cucumbers, for example, to avoid their mikroorganism activity. Also the
lower the moisture content, it can extend the shelf life of products and to maintain the quality of sea cucumber product.
Results fumigation of all three types of sea cucumbers sea cucumbers have the best value based on the proximate
analysis and analysis of the white sea cucumber amino.yaitu acid fumes that the water level is lower than the black and
brown sea cucumber is also the highest protein content in the white sea cucumber which is 33.78% while the black sea
cucumber and sea cucumber brown lower, respectively 32.70, 26.83. Amino acids of the three species of sea cucumber
smoke contains 15 components essential amino acids and non-essential amino acids. Essential amino acids are 8
components, histidine, leucine, treosin, valine, metheonin, isoleucine, arginine and lysine, while non-essential amino
acids numbered seven components, including aspartic acid, glutamic acid, serine, glycine, alanine, tyrosine, and
phenylalanine. Most amino acids which are glycine is 5.04%, the black sea cucumber and the sea cucumber and sea
cucumber white chocolate 4.36% 2.51%

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