Energy Management Strategy For State Defense Toward The Energy Crisis

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Syaiful Hidayat , Purnomo Yusgiantoro , Suyono Thamrin , Rudy Laksmono Widayatno


Energy needs to support activities make energy an influential factor for everyday life. The guarantee of the
availability of energy supply which has decreased requires diversification. Energy for defense requires a
management planning strategy by supporting government programs, namely the energy mix using new and
renewable energy (EBT). Through this research, it is hoped that an effective and efficient energy management
strategy for national defense can be obtained in the face of the energy crisis experienced by Indonesia. The
method used is by conducting literature studies through policies related to defense and energy and studying
existing phenomena. The results showed that the need for electricity to support military base operations can
use power plants with renewable energy sources. Regional arrangement based on the energy potential that
is owned can be used as a strategic area for the formation of a defense area plan. The synergy between the
targets of the National / Regional Energy General Plan (RUEN / D) and the Regional Defense Plan (RWP) can
create infrastructure that can support the management and utilization of energy for military bases. Strategies
that can be carried out are to carry out an inventory of the potential for new and renewable energy in various
regions, do more in-depth research, make plans in more detail and finally determine energy generators that
are suitable for availability and needs.

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