Compatibility Of Funguses With Chemical Insecticides Used In Rice Cultivation

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Luz Angola ; Marcos Díaz ; Kelly Alvarado ; Lilian Ramírez


The integration of chemical and biological methods for pest control has become an indispensable strategy to reduce environmental pollution in recent years. For this reason, this work evaluated the compatibility of the biocontrol fungi Paecilomyces sp., Lecanicillium lecanii, and Trichoderma sp. in vitro conditions with four chemical insecticides used for pest control in rice crops in the department of Norte de Santander. The agrochemicals used were Actara® (0.01-0.05%), Engeo® (0.05-0.6%), Lorsban® (0.1-1.0%) and Numetrin® (0.01-0.4%). The tests were performed on PDA agar, where the growth inhibition, agrochemical effect on the concentration, and conidia germination were determined. The statistical results showed that the Lorsban® insecticide had the greatest inhibitory effect on mycelial growth for the three fungi evaluated and was classified as moderately toxic according to the OILB.

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