Effects Of Antimicrobial Peptides With Emphasis On Plant Defenses

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Zarqa Hassan , Muhammad Hafeez Javed , Beenish Butt , Fareeha Akram , Rana Javaid Iqbal , Muhammad Tahir Akbar , Abdul Waheed , Saiqah Toor , Faraz Ahmed , Muhammad Asif , Muhammad Ibrar Ahmed , Ansa Rebi


Antimicrobial peptides of plants had been isolated from an extensive range of species. Under environmental stress,
they are composed of different protein groups with different properties such as overall molecular charge, disulfide
bond contents, and structural stability. Several plant peptides possessed three-dimensional structures but the
mechanism of action of these peptides was unknown. Plants produced these peptides in a lot of different places,
including roots, seeds, flowers, stems, and leaves, by enhancing their physiological importance. Here is an overview
of what was currently known about plant-derived bioactive peptides, with such an emphasis on their antimicrobial
activity and contribution in the plant signaling network, as well as potential uses.

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