Coffee Plants Anti-Virus of Decomposited Trichoderma Viride of Cow’s Manure

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Lelya HILDA, Syafiruddin


It is often found that the Hemileia vastatrix fungus attack on coffee plants that causes the decrease of coffee production. This Experimental Design applied the trichoderma viride as an antagonistic fungus. It sought the effectiveness of trichoderma viride to suppress the growth of the fungus hemileia vastatrix. Technique of application of cow’s manure is by combining trichoderma viride to increase soil nutrient. It was used for decomposition of cow dung in increasing soil nutrient values that helps coffee plants to grow rapidly.  The cow dung added with bran which was useful for feeding Trichoderma viride to make its growth faster. The research results showed that within 20 days, there was a decrease in attacks by 50.87 percent (20.64 mm2 on day 0 to 10.5 mm2 on day 20). It concludes that the biological control for the fungus Hemileia vastatrix (leaf rust) on coffee plants was effective to suppress in its development. It found that the Trichoderma viride suppressed the growth of the fungus Hemalia vastartrix higher with longer application period (day 10th to 20th)

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