Evaluation Of Microalbuminuria As A Risk Marker Of Diabetic Nephropathy

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The objective of this study was to evaluate the status of renal function in diabetic nephropathy patients by analyzing
the level of microalbuminuria. This study was done with 50 diabetic nephropathy patients admitted in the hospital
from April 2020 to June 2020 at Govt. Super Specialty Hospital, Trichy. Among the 50 cases selected for this study,
males were 23 and female were 27. The questionnaire was administered by interview method and data or
information were gathered from the participants/patients and recorded like demography, family, history,
information of disease, information about social, characteristics of clinical manner and laboratory examination. The
data of demography includes the participant’s age, gender, marital status, education levels such as Illiterates,
primary, secondary, and tertiary. Nine risk factors include age, BMI, WHR, SBP, DBP, consumption of alcohol,
cigarette smoking and habitual intake of analgesics/herbs were determined significantly in multiple logistic
regression. The determination of increased level of UACR/CKD by systolic blood pressure (SBP) respectively.

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