The Use Of Lacase Enzyme In Industry And Biotechnology / An Applied Study

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Wasan Najim Abdul-Sada


With the beginning of urban life, environmental pollution appeared, and then increased with the increase in industrial and technological progress, because it caused an increase in industrial waste and waste. This, in turn, increased the volume of emissions of toxic chemicals, which negatively affect human health.

The lactase enzyme has an effect on the oxidation of a range of substrates, so it is used in various industrial fields. Laccase enzyme is used to increase the appearance colors of foods or beverages, to separate and remove lignin from paper and pulp, for use as a dye in the textile industry, to bleach textile products, to wash jeans, for use in various boiling processes, in biodegradation and decolorization of textile wastewater, in bioremediation It is used as a biostimulant in various industrial and biotechnical applications such as cosmetics.

The laccase enzymesare obtained from different organisms, especially types of fungi. Under today's conditions, and the increasing industrial demand for it, laccasecannot be obtained cheaply. To find the most effective source of laccases, it is necessary to select the most suitable fungi, find reproducible and inexpensive isolation methods, or optimize enzyme production conditions.

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